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Hope For The Future: Autism All Grown Up

This month, www.DifferentDream.com is tackling some heavy issues: grief during the holidays, medical debt, the Easter Seal’s report about the lack of early intervention services in many states. So today we’re taking a break from the doom and gloom to focus on a success story.

Watch Your Language!

I recently read an article concerning plainclothes police officers. The article said that cops are drilled on the use of clear, simple commands, such as “I’m a police officer, don’t shoot ” or “Police, don’t move.” Standard phrases are particularly important communication devices used in the world of special needs children. As a teacher and as a parent, how you use language is just as important as what you are saying. The list of do’s and don’ts is growing. “Don’t” in and of itself is a word that shouldn’t exist when communicating with preschoolers, special needs or otherwise. Children rarely hear or process the word ’don’t’. They often tend to eliminate the word. If you say, “Don’t touch the CD’s,“ they will invariably touch the CDs “Don t go near the window,“ and you know that is exactly where they‘re headed.