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Family-Friendly Resources for Special Needs

Terri Mauro has done it again. She’s put together more parent-friendly education-related resources at about.com. Of all her resources featured here at DifferentDream.com (to discover how many times she’s been featured, type “Terri Mauro” or “about.com” in the search box), these take the cake. At least so far.

Advocate for Assistive Technology!

Jolene at Different Dream has some fantastic tips for helping your child get the tech devices he or she may need.

Does your child require assistive technology (AT) in order to succeed at school? If so, your child probably already has an IEP. Even so, you may need to advocate on behalf of your child to get the ball rolling within the IEP process.

The Illusive IEP Meeting {A Parents White Whale}

Be sure to check out his blog and photos at http://theaspieadventures.blogspot.com Call me Ishmael! Yesterday we came to find the Moby Dick for whom we have long searched, The IEP! Before Christmas we submitted the request & first round of paperwork for Jaydn’s IEP. Finally we had the meeting yesterday afternoon, not as bad as […]

Rethinking the Goal

For the past four years, the speech department in my school has been tracking progress the old fashioned way: stringent data collection, meticulous record keeping, and detailed observations full of fruitful anecdotal nuggets of information. While these tried and true methods of tracking progress are essential to any thorough SLP, they do not always paint an entire picture. This is why the speech department decided to incorporate annual speech and language testing to our repertoire. By combining weekly data collection and observations with standardized testing, the speech department would be able to clearly understand the level at which each child is working, and how they have progressed over time. Additionally, it would help us to determine when and if speech-language services should be reduced or terminated.