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Anti-Bullying & Brookie Cookie Bookie

Guest writer Robin Rosenberg, author of Brookie Cookie Bookie, joins us this week to talk about the bullying epidemic and her children’s book.

Attention Parents and Teachers
Anti-bullying lesson plans are here!

How did bullying and cyber-bullying become so out of control? Nearly half of our teens report being bullied and 160,000 kids miss school EVERY DAY in fear of being bullied. The long-term effects of this type of victimization can last a lifetime and include
violence, self-esteem issues, and in extreme circumstances, suicide.

Bullying & Special Needs

Bullying is a hot topic in the news these days, but only a few of those articles address kids with special needs.

Bullied Kids as Lifelong Victims
The few that do are usually reports of kids with special needs who have been bullied. Raising awareness about such bullying is important, of course. But those reports tend to cast the kids as lifelong victims and rarely suggesting solutions or ways for bullied children to become victors.

Enter Zach’s Place
So an article about Zach’s Place, originally established to provide families in the Colorado Springs and surrounding areas a place for respite care for their children with disabilities ages 5 to 21, caught my eye. They recently developed a program as part of the after school services they offer for kids with special needs. According to an online Colorado Springs Gazette article, “the program teaches children up to age 18 confidence and how to use their own power to stay safe.” The article gives a thorough explanation of the program, so be sure to check it out. Or click on this link to watch a KRDO TV story about the anti-bullying program.

More on Bullying

This article highlights the research regarding special needs children and bullying. The statics are pretty heartbreaking, but this issue is something that we all have the power to change. It does not happen overnight, but it is our responsibility – as parents, professionals and teachers – to work towards helping all children gain self esteem […]

Free-Falling to End Bullying with Jesse

Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to get to know Jesse Saperstein. He is kind, funny and committed to doing so many awesome things, including this incredible skydiving to end bullying event. I am working my schedule out to try and attend because I believe in this cause – […]

The Discomforting Skin

Fifteen years ago, walking around in my body was an exercise in torture.

I’m referring not only to the bullying to which I was subjected on a near-daily basis at school, or the tumultuous relationship I had with my parents at home, but to my actual physical self. This once 95-pound body that hardly seemed to exist, and over which I felt I had little to no control.

A mirror is one of the most dangerous weapons that you can give to a teenager. Every time I would come near one, it was as if someone was whispering, “I dare you, I dare you” in my ear. My breath caught in my throat, and for those few brief seconds before I would look, my heart would fill with hope that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t hate what I saw this time.